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Stop Credit Card Debt from Usurping Your Nest Egg Before Retirement

This is a guest post by Susan Green There are debts that can wreak havoc on your retirement funds and cause you to go broke at the tail-end of your work-life. One of the most woeful forms of debts is credit card debt, from which you should steer clear at all costs long before you retire. You may be wondering why. Here is the justification for that: Why should you repay your credit cards? The best advantage ...

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Phil Cannella Reviews on Crash Proof Retirement Educational Events

  Positive Reviews of Phil Cannella! As a Senior Advocate, Speaker, and noted author, Phil Cannella speaks at multiple venues during the year.  Phil Cannella receives so much great feedback from the events he speaks at and this video we found particularly interesting. It's an attendee reviewing one of the Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events. In the video, you can see how much this person has lea ...

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Phil Cannella and Joann Small host the Crash Proof Retirement Show®

The Crash Proof Retirement™ Radio Show is an invaluable resource for anyone in or near retirement. Hosted by Phil Cannella and Joann Small, the show features the latest news that affects retirees, from questions about retirement accounts like IRAs and 401ks, to Medicare and Long Term Care. Loyal listeners have been tuning in for years to hear what Phil Cannella has to say about retirement. Having been in th ...

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The Changing Face of Retirement in America

Nowadays retirement is all over the map. It’s blurred, more elastic. Many people retire piecemeal. Or they retire and then unretire. Or they continue working well after they were supposed to have retired. As part of a fast-changing retirement picture, many Americans leave their longtime job, but then, fearing that their Social Security benefits and nest egg will prove too small, plunge into part-time work — ...

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