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New Budget Plan Takes Aim at Retirees

The proposed budget reform announced on Wednesday suggests that retirees should be anticipating some major changes to the way their retirement will play out. To name a few of these changes, the proposed budget aims to make cuts to Social Security income, Medicare coverage, IRA contributions and more. It is common understanding that the federal government is in need of a new budget that will begin lowering t ...

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Rule requires Banks to Check Mortgage Borrower’s Ability to Pay

Government regulators have introduced a rule they hope will cut down on the number of people defaulting on their home mortgages—the so-called “Know Before You Owe” Rule. There is good news and bad news here: The bad news is that the rule will make it harder for people to land mortgages, but the good news is that it will keep the housing market safe from caving into the financial sinkhole it is only now emer ...

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