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Study Finds Trouble Ahead for Today’s Retirees

Research Finds Trouble Ahead for Today’s Retirees New research has found that a vast number of American retirees will be financially worse off than their parents—ending an era of high living standards for the nation’s retirees which began after shortly after World War II. According to Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, the recession and weak recovery have damaged the retirement picture for lar ...

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Consumers Lobby Government for Better Ways to Fix Credit Card Errors

Consumers Lobby for Better Ways to Fix Credit Card Mistakes In a study put out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about ten million customers have serious errors on their credit reports, raising questions about the ability of American consumers to get loans and the large interest rates they’re charged. The FTC Study—compiled by its Bureau of Economics—looked at 1,000 consumer credit reports from the coun ...

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Renting Versus Owning in Retirement

What is better for the average retiree, renting or owning their homes? To make it easier for our readers to figure out, Retirement Media decided to take a piece of paper and divide this question into two columns—one column with “pro” and “con” on the other column—and then fill in the blanks. Both renting and buying can have their advantages, some of which might not be immediately apparent. But here are a fe ...

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