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Is Now the Time to Exit the Stock Market?

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We all know how unpredictable the stock market can be, yet people everywhere put their time and money into predicting where the markets will go next.  More often than not the stock market creates losers rather than winners, so why are we so compelled to keep trying?  This article from First Senior Financial Group really delves into the psychology of the stock market investor, to see what really motivates us to buy or sell at a certain time.

We have had so many stock market crashes over the years, it’s almost impossible to know when the next one is coming.  Right now, the markets seem to have recovered from the dismal lows of 2008 and 2009, but economists are quick to point out that the stock market is being propped up by an infusion of federal money.  Will we be able to sustain our current economic trajectory?  It’s possible that the Quantitative Easing programs that have held the stock market up have created a bubble, one that’s bound to pop any day now.  And when it does pop, you don’t want to have your retirement savings invested in stocks.  That’s how so many people lost their retirement nest eggs in 2008, and it could easily happen again.  So you should read this article, and really think about whether stock market investing is right for you as you get closer to retirement.

Read the full story at First Senior Financial Group

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